Promotions for the Kitchen

One of the most coveted spots for a Promotional Products to live is in your Kitchen. Why?

On a weekday, think of how much time you spend in certain places throughout your day. If you are like most of working America, you will spend about 2 hours a day in your car, 7 hours a day at your desk, 4 hours a day in and out of your kitchen, and 6 hours a night or more in your bedroom. For promotions to work for you as a marketing tool it has to be useful. Kitchen gadgets are second to Office desk objects in the world of Swag. Don’t just think of kitchen gadgets for the Food industry either. Sure, a catering company would do very well imprinting on a set of measuring spoons. That’s a given. But how about a house painting company? How do they get into your kitchen and grab a spot of that coveted kitchen space? Think outside the box. A silicone basting brush.



I love statistics. Click below to view Kitchen stats. Consider them when hashing out your next marketing plan. And remember… it’s all about “Keeping your BRAND in their HAND”