Innovation / Video Brochure

Looking for unusual forms of advertising, training materials or other was that grab peoples’ attention? 

The VIDEO CARD or VIDEO BROCHURE is printed catalogue with a micro-thin LCD screen, PCB boards, speakers and rechargeable lithium batteries along with a USB connection that allows for change of video and recharging of the unit.

The VIDEO card is superb for presentations, invites, direct marketing advertising and promotions. Open the card and the video will start automatically, when the brochure will be closed the video stops directly. The size of the screen can vary according to the size you require with options ranging from 2.4 inches to 10 inches.

The promotional video message can be changed, multiple videos can be loaded onto the hard drive and buttons can be included to play different videos. There are several hard wear options, such as adding a selection of pause, play, volume buttons as demonstrated here and all Video cards include a built in speaker for high quality audio. The card is rechargeable via a standard micro USB cable than plug into this socket. The internal hard drive can be specified to allow video lengths from a few minutes to several hours.

Concept is ideal for training material since the content can be refreshed and updated depending on the use case. For marketing the same applies, once the video brochure is created, content can be uploaded to the card manually as a USB device.

The following videos showcase the amazing nature of this product. There are so many use cases for this technology. Unlike traditional media, these video brochures can be customized to meet any requirement. They are revolutionary, cost effective, and totally re-programmable (if desired).

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